Is the (White) House of Cards Toppling?

Thursday, May 16th, 2013 @ 11:12AM

The Detroit Tiger’s Miguel Cabrera captured the rare and elusive Triple Crown in baseball last season, but the White House looks like it pulled of a dubious ‘Triple Crown’ of PR and Policy Nightmares this week. I reported last week on the Benghazi travesty and how former Secretary Clinton and the State Department’s initial reactions to last September’s orchestrated (dare I say terrorist) attack became unravelled last week when first hand accounts of that tragic (and preventable?) night were recounted by those on the scene.

The hits just keep on coming now, with breaking news over Attorney General Eric Holder’s DOJ office seized records of incoming calls from more than 20 telephone lines at the Associated Press, The AP has said. The White House has taken the familiar “we will not comment on an ongoing investigation” (unless it is politically expedient) stance while being peppered by suddenly engaged reporters in the White House Press Room. All of this after President Obama stated, “We are the most transparent White House in the History of our Country!”

The third and equally troubling story breaking is news that the IRS has targeted groups identified with “Tea Party”, “Constitution”, “Patriot” and other alleged ‘right-wing’ identifiers, and subjected them for audits and vastly delayed approval of paperwork submitted. Even partisan Democrats agree with this type of abuse of power. “This needs to stop, instantly, and it’s legitimate to question how the practice started and how extensive it became,” writes Ed Kilgore, senior fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute (a left-wing group), in his Washington Monthly “Political Animal” blog. In addition, the IRS revelations are appearing to confirm what tea party groups have long believed anyway: The White House is using all means at its disposal, including government agencies, to target them.

So is this house of cards beginning to topple? The best hopes that the truth will be told objectively, whatever it may be, is that the usually complicit press now has had the tables turned on themselves and seemingly have their dander up over the AP ‘flap’. This has made it easier to report on the tidily bundled package of these three potentially serious developments, all which will result in high-level losses of jobs…at the very least.

One CNN reporter just relayed the tone of the Washington DC Press Corps, and the beginning of sharks to chum investigating of each of these stories independently, let alone three in the same week. She stated that the press is now posing to each other, “could you imagine if Dick Cheney had been responsible for any of these stories?”

Well, if the WWWDIDCWIO (What Would We Do If Dick Cheney Was In Office) placebo is what makes them do their job that leads to truthful answers in this ‘perfect storm’ of miscues, then we will take it.

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